Pamlico Insurance Services

Providing Marine Insurance Coverage to North Carolina Fishermen.


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Commercial Fishing

Consistently rated the world's most dangerous occupation.

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North Carolina Fisheries Association

Our partner since 1990. We're the primary insurer of boats in the Association.

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North Carolina Seafood

We salute the brave crews who work so hard to provide fresh seafood to our communities.


Coverage based on your marine insurance needs keeps our products effective and affordable.


We use our industry knowledge to make certain you get the coverage you need.


Invest in peace of mind by protecting your marine assets from uncertainties.

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Client Focused

We believe in providing excellent customer service and providing you with marine insurance coverage that protects you from risks known and unknown.

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Established Agency

Pamlico Insurance Services has been providing marine insurance coverage for North Carolina fishermen for over two decades.

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Quality Products

We offer complete coverage and competitive rates. Contact us, and lets talk about the coverage you might need.


We're always just a phone call or email away from answering your questions about our marine insurance products.


Just like our coverage you can depend on us to exceed your expectations.


We believe in earning your trust. Honest conversations about your marine insurance needs are how we make certain you get the coverage you need.